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My trip to Green Canyon, Pangandaran was continued with a forestry. No, it is not the science of developing, caring for, or cultivating forests. Although it was indeed an act of developing, caring for and cultivating forests. It was forest trekking. Yay!!!

It was raining yesterday night. Some of us decided to skip this trekking trip. Instead they were going to visit nearby caves. As for the rest, we were consumed by the green view already that we didn’t want to cancel the trip. So, off we went  with our tour guide to cultivate Pangandaran National Park. It started easy. Then there was a savannah. The local guide said that when daybreak it was a place for bulls to eat. Thankfully it was somewhere around 9. After enjoying the view, the real trek begun.

The sunlight hardly touched the ground floor. And it was soaking wet all over. I was all right until I got to the muddy part. Yeah… I was using a pair of sandals. Not a good choice to use when you were going to have a forestry after a hard rain. Tell me about it.

But you know me. I love trees. I love greenery. So, I care not about this tiny problem of mine. But, I do need to say thanks to some friends who have helped me a lot. Hehehe… Thanks Andrias, Minh and Dani!

I felt like it was forever to reach our destination. What was our destination actually? But when we reached a cliff where we can see a partial view of our destination, the waterfall, we were boosted with energy which we did not know the source. Hope, most likely. Some of our friends arrived there before us. Four of us were kinda slow. One reason was because me and Rita wore sandals (exactly the same, only differ in color and size). And another reason was because we were all holding our camera. Photographers!

Well, I have to admit it was not as breath taking as trekking at Mt. Rinjani in Lombok.

But, interestingly, our other friends who parted from us and had decided to visit the caves, came through a fisherman’s boat! They saw us from a distance and even took photos of us. How cool is that?!

After some refreshing play with a cold water, we were getting ready to go back. Our local guide offered us to go back by boat. Stunning idea. Meaning, we should go down the cliff rocks and swim to the boat. (He will call a fisherman to fetch us there). Furthermore he explained that the boat could not go very close to the cliff because of the cliff so we should go down the cliff and swim to the boat. wow. no safety gears! It would be another adventure if our pack leader allowed us. Andrias called Leo. And submissively we followed what our pack leader suggested, to go back through the forest. That is another attitude any backpacker should have, to agree the pack leader. And yeah, the trip going back is always easier and faster.

So off we went back inside the forest. Through the savannah. And meet our other friends. Ah! This time around, we took some lunatic photos in the savannah. Monkeys pose! 😀

I guessed, it is true what they said. There will always be a child inside of you.

We had a great snack time afterwards in local street seller, empek-empek, fish cake, and es kelapa muda, coconut drink. Then we headed back to our inn to get lunch and get ready to go back to Jakarta to end the weekend.

It was indeed a happiness to me. Even only in a weekend. 🙂


Photos are courtesy of Leo and Dani.

Written by Vallaura

May 19, 2012 at 10:54 PM

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