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May 30, 2012

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It is not a regular day. It is 5 pm and I am gazing through the window as I type this post. If it were a regular day, I would be panting and sweating at my aerobics class. It is a day of no point. Even if this day ceased to exist, it would not disturb the universe. It is a day to question.

June 1, 2012

Something went wrong when I was typing this post. Somehow I could nott upload my stunning picture, lol, bear with my narcissistic please. 😀

I decided to stick with this post for what I just had earlier. It was 12 p.m. I had a pile of work to do. Item analysis, remarks, report book, stocking up things are to name the few. But instead of doing any of them, I sat still and did nothing. I was really bewildered with myself, as if my brain stopped to work. Then I remembered this post, when I was in the same state.

I had similar experience of brain freeze when I took this photo. I went out with my friends for the entire day and night. We ate, shopped, took photos, watched movies and talked for the whole day. I didn’t know what was on my friends’ mind, but for sure nothing was on mine. 

I guessed I need a therapy. 

This photo was taken at Dorothy Perkins store at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. One of my friends suggested me to try on this dress. At first, I refused her suggestion. I was not planning to buy anything. I did need a therapy, but definitely not a shopping therapy. But then, I saw the color, my favourite color. And I saw the model, simple, plain, polkadot type. So I tried it. And I took photo of it. Maybe it was not something strange for you, but for me, if you knew me at all, that was super weird. It was too small. Hence, I could not purchase it. As a matter of fact, the zip at the back of this dress,when I was wearing it, was not zipped that was why the upper part was kinda super huge. Or was it because of my size? 😉 a little bit too much information, yes, I know. hahahaha….

Anyway, it was great to try something new, even if it was something wacky and ridiculous. You should try that, it was now my therapy, trying new things. Enjoy.

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June 1, 2012 at 7:25 PM

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