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"Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted."

Just. Don’t. Let. Go.

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Some people said that writing is talking without being interrupted.

But writing blog, or blogging, for me is a way to survive.

I have been writing for… I don’t know how long. I remember writing my own novel adapting from Enyd Blyton when I was in primary 6. I came from a middle class family and was the last in the family. My parents did not spoil me.  So, I needed to save some of my allowances to buy a note book in which I wrote my first novel. The story took place in Australia because one of my friend’s brother got scholarship to study in Australia. I thought at that time, what a heaven, to be able to go abroad like that. And I still think like that until now. sigh. So, I read magazines and found information about OZ. I remember using certain vocabularies to explain how my character dress up. Pullover, velvet, satin, ah… that was a great feeling.


I lost that book when I was introduced with gadgets. I started to play PC games and Nintendo. I still read, but I didn’t write anymore. I really regret that I did not keep that note book. But since I graduated from university, I started to write again. The gadget that I adored, computer, introduced me to a new writing experience, blogging. I first wrote on social medias on their note apps. Until I met multiply. I was very happy to be able to furnish my writing with photo and other widgets. cool. But it was here and there writing. Until I decided that I love writing. And I chose wordpress to be my blog.

All through this year, I had learnt a lot from other bloggers. They are amazing in their own ways. And just now, I stumbled upon this freshly pressed blog beradadisini and amazed once more. A fellow Indonesian blogger on freshly pressed! I don’t know that it is possible! hahaha…  even though maybe she is not living in Indonesia in any sense. There one sentence on her post that stroke me, and for that I thanked her for sharing her thought with me.

“I always believe that everything—no matter how small, no matter how big, starts with the courage to dream. And until today, there’s always a place for fairy tale in this world. When you’re patient enough to hold on to it, you can have your own, too. Just. Don’t. Let. Go.”

I just lost my chance in having my dream come true, to get a scholarship to UK. And on top of that, my friend got one! I am literally a burning pan inside-out. I haven’t post anything for the past weeks. I wrote something but could not end it properly, as if I could not make any structured writing. But when I read that sentence. I am refreshed and refueled. Indeed, when I am patient enough to hold on to it, I can have my own too. Just. Don’t. Let. Go.

Thank you, my fellow blogger. Keep writing. You will never know that your writing can help other people to be a better person.

Written by vallaura

June 2, 2012 at 12:17 AM

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  1. I am living in Indonesia and I love the country so much 😛 Traveling everywhere makes me realize that I love this country and the people, though I might not a big fan of the government 😛 I’m living in Bogor, my lovely hometown (!) and working in Jakarta 😛 Being freshly-pressed was like the highlight of being a WordPress blogger since 2005 😛 Am so humbled and surprised and… and… everything else :)) Thank you so much for you kind words and for blogging about this. About your feeling of not getting that scholarship, I felt that too, wrote about it here: but those “bad things” that happened to me turn out to be something that leads me to where I am now. It takes years to understand and accept it, though.



    June 2, 2012 at 11:20 AM

  2. wow, thanks for dropping by. show who you really are 🙂 for me, you being freshly pressed have brought our country to another level. hahaha… thanks for sharing that one also. yeah, i know, i am at the stage of understanding it. one day, i can see everything connect together to make a wonderful life. btw, YOUR PHOTOS are real deal! Loving each of them so much. I’ll fly around your blog often, i hope that does not disturb you. 🙂 indeed, it takes believe to believe.



    June 2, 2012 at 12:40 PM

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