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Take forward your dream

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However, we very much hope that you are able to take forward your dream of studying in the UK, ….

It’s summer holiday everywhere around the globe. And I am enjoying my break at my parent’s home. Sounds lousy, eh? Oh well, there were too many detours on my holiday plans that I decided to leave everything behind and push through to study at home for my coming IELTS test as one of my scholarships requirements. But of course, plans were just plans. Instead of flipping pages, I was flipping apps. Until today.

I received an email from one of scholarship institutions that I applied last year. I emailed them like months ago and came without answer. So, I gave up on hope and left them behind. This email that I just received was not a good news. It was confirming my unsuccessful effort, once again. But this time, they replied with a different kind of reply.

My eyes were teary when I read “However, we very much hope that you are able to take forward your dream of studying in the UK, and we have listed below some further sources of advice and related links which we hope prove useful in your plans to study in the UK.” I knew that this email might be self generated. But a sentence like that, it can boost my spirit high. As I went through their listed sources and find that hope will always be there for people who take forward their dream.

And I am doing it now, again. Wish me luck.

Written by Vallaura

June 20, 2012 at 7:40 PM

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