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Green Saving

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I am trying my ass off to get back to my old habit. My childhood habit, when my mum gave me allowance and I put a little portion of it aside in a piggy bank, well, in Indonesia, we put it in rooster bank. I am not sure my Moslem neighbor would be happy to see a pig shaped saving container no matter how cute it is.

One of my friends shared her idea in getting back to that old habit. Green Saving she named it. She called it green because she chose only a green colored paper money to be saved in a transparent container. Here in Indonesia we have a lot of color of paper money. I found some on my wallet and took pic of them. Her favorite color is green hence she choses the green one.

Choose your color!

And the container used was no longer pig or rooster shaped. It should be transparent so we can really see the money inside. To make simple, just use a fish bowl or an unused plastic jar. Because the color that we chose is our favourite color then hopefully it will encourage us to keep it and not use it.

I managed to collect 11 of 20,000 IDR equal to 24 USD for my first month. And a little bit more on the next month. It was amazing on how I became alert in seeing this particular paper money. I shared this idea to my small group friends. We decided to implement this idea. We chose different color. And by the end of this year, we are going to use it for our holiday.

Saving is indeed a good habit, you know. But we should again realize that we are saving. We are not just throwing unused coins and called saving. Choose your color and let’s start saving! 🙂



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July 7, 2012 at 11:54 PM

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