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in control?

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I have been always in control. Well, at least as far as it’s for anybody’s concern. But last week, I hoped it was because of hormone, I cried in front of my students.

I wrote on the board for instructions and I just sat on teacher’s seat. I stared at the floating invisible air in front of me, ignoring my students’ question regarding to the task on the board. I did not know for how long. But I stoned there for a while. I realized my right eye just dropped a tear. I was not capable to move a muscle but I did realize faces that turned from books to me. My students noticed it. I sensed they were about to say something about it when another drop fell down. And in a split second, the frenzies bursted in. My students were restless. And I jumped off my seat and flied to the teacher’s restroom and I cried.

Well, I guessed one cannot always be in control. In fact, can one be in control of anything?

Happy Election Day, Jakarta!

Written by Vallaura

September 20, 2012 at 3:18 PM

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