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Mere Christianity

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at the end of the days, we can be sure for only one thing, that we are all just a mere human.

I have been struggling with some kinda mind game these past weeks. It all started with a tweet saying that I should check my email account. I did not recognize the tweeter which apparently followed only 4 accounts and had zero follower. As I was holding my blackberry with my left hand and iphone on my right hand while facing macbook and ipad as the same time, i did not need a tweet saying that I should check my email account. Technologies did not allow me to miss even the latest updates let alone an email. I did not get the mentioned email, or so I thought.

Last two weeks, digging on my spam email, I found out the email. It was a bizzare email. She (I assumed it’s a she) suggested me to delete one of my blog posts. She said it was misguided because the person profiled on my blogpost was not anyone like what was written there. She said I got tricked and my post might lead people tricked too. To tell you the truth, the blogpost was about a person whom I looked up to. And what she was trying to say was the person highlighted there committed some sexual harrasments to one church member which caused this church members refused to visit the church again. I was troubled. I was deeply troubled.

I prayed for this man, a person whom i looked up to. I understood that at the end of the days, we can be sure for only one thing, that we are all just a mere human. I prayed if he really did things said he did, he can repent and go back to the true way. I prayed if he did not do things said he did, God will continue be with him along this rumours.

I guess no one really immune to sin, not even a person whom I look up to. It is a struggle of everyone in every single day. It is a struggle to be able to finish the race well. If I am not mistaken, The Bible teaches us, whenever we found our brother or sister in Christ stray from the right godly way, we should pray, talk and rebuke them so that they can turn to the right godly way. We are not to gossip especially tellatale to strangers.If you read this post, whoever you are who request me to delete my post, I hope you can gather your courage and talk to him in person. He will be in church tomorrow.

Go ahead judge me, but remember to be perfect for the rest of your life.

Written by Vallaura

October 28, 2012 at 12:21 AM

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  1. My husband and I were criss-crossing the internet looking for a good church in Jakarta where we can worship during the short period of our stay. That’s when I stumbled upon this blog of yours .

    I understand the bottom line of what you were trying to say that no one is ‘immune’ ( you must have meant that, since ‘prone’ means having a tendency to’) to sin. Yet, I must say that this post is disconcerting to say the least.

    The reason being, firstly, while you are playing critic to the person whom you called a tattletale, you have placed yourself as the very tattletale you denounced by making the story public through this blog. Instead of you being the only person made aware of what already is a dire situation , you now expose it to possibly hundreds if not thousands of people .

    Secondly, assuming the story is true, it seems to me that your positive sentiment gravitated disproportionately toward ‘the perpetrator’ and not so much for the story teller ( ‘news bearer’) . Yours is a passive – aggressive response. You simply said he sinned and offered prayer and understanding for him without labeling him as anything, and yet you pointed finger at her and labeled her a gossiper. I had worked in several cases of sexual harassment, so Let me remind you that Sexual harassment IS and should be taken as serious sin by all women and men and thus required the perpetrator to bear the consequential penalty ( besides showing remorse and asking for forgiveness ) instead of being cuddled and snuggled by you or the Church.

    About the ‘news bearer’, have you never suspected that she might be a person who knew something about you and was able to see that you were in danger of idolizing the wrong man and that she simply wanted to present some facts ? Sometimes, other people can see us more clearly than we can see ourselves.

    Lastly, Instead of rambling and grumbling in your blog, would it not be more prudent of you – and in line with your personal conviction not to gossip – to bring the matter straight to the leaders of the Church and inquire of them the truth? I believe they owe you and the congregation the truth. It seems to me they have been neglecting their responsibility to exercise church discipline.

    But, mind you, if you can bring yourself to do that, and you know the story is true, you consequently have the same knowledge as the ‘ news bearer’. What then would you do with the knowledge the next time you know another woman idolizing this man in public ? Would you really walk the talk to ‘ gather your courage and talk in person’ to either of them ? Or would you stay silent come what may ? The jury is still out , right ?

    Finally, please be careful when choosing to vent through your blog since google search linked your blog to a certain Church in town. Unless that is your intention.

    Time permits, I may drop by the Church and see things for myself.




    November 29, 2012 at 4:24 PM

  2. Woho! interesting, you celebrate christmas in this church on Dec 23 like your blog say? And the pastor name is ** (edited) ? his picture is here in your blog? ha ha , what a scandal. you like him still and write this gosip on the blog??? amusing girl you are. but this is so wrong. crazy pastor . crazy listener ??



    January 3, 2013 at 5:57 PM

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