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What is human without humanity?

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Lately I am so sick and tired with human, a so called creature that upholds human rights and humanity. Maybe I am one of them, I don’t know, after all I am human. I don’t understand on what basis does a human undignify other human? I have seen so many rich people and how they treat other people and how they raise their kids a little bit too much at my workplace. I have seen so many so called lucky people who squander their most precious fortune. And I have not seen at all, they said! I saw a teacher cried after her student sent out poll question asking whether she is stupid enough to teach their class. I saw fellow workers earning more doing less, fewer resposibility greater acknowledgement. I saw a friend praying nothing and getting everything, dreaming nothing yet receiving everything, hoping nothing but enjoying everything. I have to say it, I just need to. When you have things that other things don’t have, it doesn’t mean that you can do everything to that person. It definitely does not mean that you can think everything you like about that person. Yes, I am a teacher. I still deserve respect from you. Yes, I am a graduate from local university. It does not mean you can put all works on my shoulder and treat me like nothing. Yes, I fail on my scholarship application and see nothing of this world. It doesnot make me less human than any other human being in this world. What is human without humanity? Exactly, what are you when you do these things, these so-called inhuman things? Do you realize it? Can I start calling you monster now? What are you, exactly? What is this world, actually?

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