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I am a wallet eater

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Am an omnivore, of course, …but I am also a wallet eater. I change wallet almost every 3 months. Maybe the total amount spent on wallet is more than what’s inside the wallet.

My black Esprit wallet. Now in a very terrible condition. All sides were peeled. I don’t know why. FYI, I bought it at esprit boutique at Mall Taman Anggrek, so it was original esprit wallet.

My shocking pink Charles and Keith wallet. It was my last year birthday gift from one of my primary 2 students. I think she love me 😉 I love this wallet and it is still okay aside from those peeled skin on the side and edges of the wallet. But I am not using it anymore.

My black Guess wallet. I bought this one at Centro department store with my best friend, Ria. We were just like teenagers wanting to have same items. So, there we bought similar black guess wallets. And you know what, buy three got 50% discount. So we were waiting at the counter to find another lady who wanted to buy this kind of wallet just for the sake of discount. hahaha! Most of the skin is peeled, especially inner the wallet while Ria’s is the outer part.

I have some more which I have not taken the photos. They are yellow reebok, tan hellolulu and shocking pink kipling. My tan Hellolulu is still quite ok. I guess because I use it only for traveling. It is actually travelling wallet where there are compartments for passport and tickets. The Reebok and Kipling were made from parachute fabric. Their skin cannot be peeled, of course, but they cannot stand with stain and sweats. So some parts of their color were changed because of that. They looked so dirty that I threw the yellow reebok. I am still using the kipling. I just don’t know what kind of wallet I need to buy now.

Written by Vallaura

November 13, 2012 at 1:40 AM

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