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I need a new soulmate

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“He has made everything beautiful… in its time….”

-King Solomon on Ecclesiastes 3:11-

1202 face-book friends, a hundred twitter follower, countless phone-book friend and I am friend-less. Indeed true what the old people were saying, true friends are not the one who comes to your life, but the one who stays in your life. And as life continue, I realize that I have no friends.

Alright, I am a bit exaggerating there. Well, yeah… I have friend to go to Nano and have body massage there. Sure, finding a friend to watch the latest movie in the theater is easy. And I don’t need to worry being alone in the gym or at the church. But, alas! I need a friend who really share some of my “genes”. Someone who is willing to go days to visit beautiful beaches in Bali and Lombok. Someone who is crazy enough to hitch-hike in Jakarta, not that I don’t have one, or two. I need a soulmate.

I once had a “he” soulmate. Wonderful person, the one who completed lines. We usually talk for hours.. for every hours…  no.. minutes… almost seconds. We emailed, BBM, SMS, YM, what ever the means we went through it and built a constant and intimate conversation. Sadly, he’s not the one. One day he claimed to find his true love and my existance evaporated from his life in an instance. so much for a soulmate, huh?

I once had a “she” soulmate. Amazing person, the one who read mind. She knew what I’m thinking, she knew what I was about to do. Sometimes, I freaked out a bit. But the other time, I was thankful for her. Until, she found her own soulmate. The one who completed her. Hence, I was not needed anymore or less needed.

Yeah, I need a soulmate, indeed. And I have a lifetime to find that one soulmate. No, need to rush. And in no time the right man will come at the right time. Indeed! 🙂

Written by Vallaura

November 15, 2012 at 12:10 AM

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