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3. Jurong Bird Park

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BirdieStill about my trip in Singapore…

Today, I visited The Jurong Bird Park. I had always wanted to visit this placesince secondary school.  One of my friends went there and I had this longing ever since. This very day, I had the time to make it happen. Directly after breakfast, I headed for Lavender MRT Station. It was only 200m away from my hotel. I counted it as my morning exercise. hehehehe….

The weather was nice and so did the people. It was a good day to meet some birds 😉

According to street directory, I should take the East West Line and alight at Boon Lay Station. It will take me 35 minutes to get there. From Bon Lay Station, I should proceed to Jurong Point where I take 251 bus to Ahmad Ibrahm Rd. It was an easy trip for me. I bought 2-park hopper tickets with tram for 42 SGD. Park hopper tickets means that I bought Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo tickets in package price. It also means that I will be writing about Singapore Zoo tomorrow. Yay!  Anyway…. right after I entered the park, I took the tram to see the overview of the park. After one round, I walked to visit Penguin and Owls. I took a rest at the amphitheatre at 11AM to watch The Birds and Buddies show. It was a great show!

Welcoming speech by a gorgeous Macau

Welcoming speech by a gorgeous Macau

After the show I walked towards the African Waterfall Aviary. They claimed to have the tallest man-made waterfall. Before I arrived there, I stopped at the Swan Lake. I sat on one of the beaches marvelling on how lucky I am. I munched my cha-cha chocolates to refill my energy.

waterfallI like the African Waterfall Aviary! It was uncomparable with Sendang Gile Waterfall at the foot of  Mt. Rinjani, of course! But, the birds were not caged. I meant by that was, they were or we were put in a gigantic cage that made them free to roam. So, I can really have an up close and personal experience with those beautiful feathers. My favourite spot is The observation Tower 2. I took me some efforts to climb up there it worth every single drop of sweat. The birds were really flying in. And I saw a couple making nest on one part of the roof. So cool! I had never seen one before. When you visit this park, don’t sweat the steep stairs, climb and see the birdie from their Observation Tower. When you get lucky, you’ll see the birds making nest there, they were lovely!

And don’t forget to visit the Macaw and Carribean Flamingos!  They are state of the arts!



Written by Vallaura

November 24, 2012 at 11:07 PM

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