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5. Chinese Garden

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I passed Chinese Garden MRT Station when I went to Jurong Bird Park. It was my first time going to the eastern part of Simgapore that made me see this garden. It was not on my itinerary and I could not squeeze anything to fit it in my itinerary. Lucky me, I got lost today. And that made room for some quick adjustment, The Chinese Garden.


I alighted at Chinese Garden MRT Station and directly headed to the garden. I passed empty lots while routing on 200 meters pavement toward the entrance of the park and then I was welcomed with the above sight, what a soothing view for my eyes!

HeroThe garden was free of charge yet it was clean, tidy and well maintained, just like any other garden in Singapore. There were actually two gardens there, Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden, because its name was Chinese Garden, I chose to follow directions to Chinese Garden.

I was them welcomed by statue  of Chinese Heroes, there were 7 of them. I did not recognize most of them but noticed Confucius and Mulan were among them. The encryption on the rock was in Chinese, so good luck on understanding it. I tried to guess through their poses but that was not a good idea as well.

Next to see was the twin pagodas. And aside of the them was The Wishing Tree. Unfortunately, there was a couple who was taking photos nearby the tree that I could not go near it. Dang! I actually had a lot of wishes to throw to the tree. Oh well, I left them doing their things and sat on the fresh cut grass to rest my eyes on the twin pagodas. I did not know why. But Chinese architecture always fascinates me. Their colors, curves and carvings were absolute beautiful. After I took some shoots, I went in and climbed up one of the pagodas. I saw dragon boat in the middle of the lake. I could even hear softly the raging sound of the dragon boat leader cheering and shouting at the rowing men.

the twin pagodas

There were some more interesting sections in this garden, The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum,  Fragrance Garden, and Garden of Abudance were just to name the few. The first one was not free of charge, so I passed on that one. The later one was under renovation. So, I went only to Fragrance Garden. And it was actually smell good! I like it! 🙂

I did not go to Japanese Garden because I could see dark clouds hooding over me. So, I went back to the MRT Station and continued to my next stop.

Written by Vallaura

December 9, 2012 at 1:06 PM

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