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6. Mandai Rd.

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If you read my last post, you know that I got lost on my way to Singapore Zoo. Well, that was only half way through. After I rerouted myself to another direction that StreetDirectory showed me back on track to… nowhere.

directionThe problem on using internet direction was it did not specify more on the details of the route offered. And in my case, the blue right turn showing that it was the road i should take was actually a road that could only be used by zookeeper. Or as the sign said, for zoo personnel only. And I was guessing that only people on jeep would have the courage to pass that gravel road with big high trees on both sides, definitely not for a girl with shorts and Charles & Keith slipers. Doh!

Mandai Rd.A sense of panic started to crawling from my feet. As soon as I knew that I chose the wrong route, I needed to sit down and work things out on myhead. After some walks I rested a while and let my mind o the working. That panic feeling crawled faster as I read the name of the bus stop I was resting at. eerie. You go ahead read it by yourself.

It was not helping at all, the rest. My ipad and iphone were not  helping too. They were no use when they are not connected with any wifi. My blackberry was running out of batterry due to receiving endless, I meant, ENDLESS, text messages welcoming me here and suggestion to use this singtel provider something. The bottom line was no internet, no connection, nothing to help me. I did have some money on my wallet and some credits on my e-zy card. I should be okay as long as I could find any transportation.

And I decided, to walk. I had this crazy idea that if I followed this foggy map on my mind I would finally arrive to this so far away zoo. So I walked according to the mapI created from pieces of information that I gathered around. And I finally reach this intersection.


I knew it then, that I just needed some more guts. The sign there said that I needed to go for around 2km. I could not imagine how far was 2km considering how far I had walked and how the odds were the rain to fall more fiercely. So, I decided to wait for a bus. After half an hour, the bus came. Most of them stared at me. I guessed I hopped in from a bus stop that no man or woman ever hop in before. Anyway, after 15min. I finally got to the Singapore Zoo. Gosh. So, that was the true meaning of the word finally. Finally!

Written by Vallaura

December 9, 2012 at 1:49 PM

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