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Well, what’s new? Isn’t my life defined by that word?


After a couple of days of crying marathon, I pulled myself together right when I had to close a school first semester. Then I turned on my TV to watch The Amazing Race 21, finale. I enjoyed watching it was one of my ways to see the world. Not first hand, I guess. I came to the end of this reality how season and found out that The Goat Farmers won! Gosh! It was shocking even for me. And then, one of them said that “no matter what, we should keep on going…” And then I boke into tears.

I am so tired of trying this scholarship. It has been years after years without success. It is degrading my self-confidence and faith. It has put me in a self-pity pit with no way out. But what the goat farmer said just melted me away. “I would rather to live a life full with Oh well… rather than What if… ” ….sigh. easier said than done.


Written by vallaura

December 15, 2012 at 8:17 PM

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