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Hotel Karlita International, Tegal

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We stayed at a three star hotel, Karlita International when we visited Tegal.  Some say that this was the best hotel in this town. Well, Tegal was actually just a small town where people stopped by just to get a break from a long journey to a destination city.  So, we kinda feel that we must not risk our break by staying not in the best hotel in town. Apparently they just added a new wing building that slightly confused us. But the  lobby was spacious and well decorated. I love seeing a snowman here, on the land where snow does not exist.


Xmas tree


Hello snowy

We got a room at level one, at the same level where the swimming pool located. Unfortunately, the water was smelled, kinda fishy, maybe because we were located just few miles from the seashore. The rooms were spacious and, for me, nice. The linens were white and clean. We got TV with good channel. Even though there were no FOX Crime nor AXN.

our room

We also got a nice surprise. Apparently our sofa was a recliner. And my niece decided to spend the night curling herself there. Hmmm… quite an offer for a three star hotel, don’t you think?


The bathroom was also a not disappointing one. It was equipped with a well functioned shower and a good bath tub. I actually enjoyed an afternoon soaking myself in a hot water tub. Nice! 🙂



One thing that made me frowned was the condition of one of the towels. It was stained and mussy. I was really hesitate to use it. But, I would close my eyes for this because they provided a very good wifi free of charge in the room. And they had a very good connection. Ah, well, it all came to our personal preferences. And for me, that made this hotel a good one and recommended.

a stained towel



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December 27, 2012 at 10:07 PM

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