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Nasi Bogana RM Ny. Pan

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I finally decided to go with my brother’s family on a road trip to Semarang this holiday season. It was a last minute decision that I did not prepare much for this trip. Neverthelesss, I savvy enough to find out some famous cuisine that worthed to try, one of them was Nasi Bogana Ny. Pan, Bogana Rice from Mrs. Pan’s Kitchen.

Nasi Bogana

It was located at Chinatown of Tegal. Like many other Chinatown in Indonesia, one can always find good food to try. Bogana Rice was actually a type of Nasi Lemak with kering tempe, ayam suir, sayur tahu, abon and half of hard boiled egg as its side dishes (sweet crispy tempe, slices of chicken breast, tofu, dried beef). The rice itself was slightly yellow because of tumeric. But I would not call this saffron rice because this one was very lean and tender and soft. It’s kinda hard to explain, you better try by yourself.

Chicken Satay


We also tried another favourite dish, chicken satay. Aywhere in Indonesia, you could lways find Chicken Satay but you could also find different presentation and types of Chicken Satay. Mrs. Pan’s version of Chicken Satay was a good one. The chicken meat was properly cooked, soft and well seasoned. However, for me, I would like my Chicken Satay to be burnt a little bit more.

signOne thing that I did not really enjoy was the restaurant itself. Maybe because I had spent too much time dining at restaurants in malls that I felt uncomfortable eating here. This place was very ancient with some furniture and interior that were older than my Dad. I could not imagine seeing their kitchen. We were the only dine in customers there but the service was rather slow. Thankfully the taste of the food was not disappointing, otherwise I would recommend this place at all. So, if you are up to some delicious Bogana Rice without minding its place, do visit this diner, located at Jalan Veteran Gang Kong Kwan, Tegal. Its surrounding was also dominated by a lot of old houses and building, but there was a sign that was clear enough that would direct everyone to the correct place. Close your eyes and get your tummy ready! 🙂

ancient place

antique tea set

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