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Sago Megono

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I went passed Pekalongan last December on my overland trip to Semarang. Well, me and my brother’s family went there. We were so hungry that we decided to get some local food for lunch. And the internet suggested us to visit The City Park, or known as Alun Alun.

sago megonoThere were three special food from Pekalongan. They were Sago Megono, Taoto and Asem Asem. Of the three, I guessed the last would be the most famous one since I had tried it in some restaurants in Jakarta and it tasted marvelous. As suggested, we ate at RM. Pak M. Usman. We ordered Sago Megono and Asem Asem.

Sago in Javanese means rice or nasi. And Megono is a mixed vegetable made of a chopped young jackfruit mixed with some herbs and some rias. I dont know what rias is in English but it gives a bitter and sour flavour and fragrance. The color and presentation might not be alluring but it actually tastes nice. There is a sweet taste from the young jackfruit and sour from rias and some refreshing sensation from other herbs mixed. I cannot recognize all the herbs.

asem asemWe also ordered Asem asem. Asem asem was actually a type of soup. As its name, asem or sour in English, it tasted sour. But it was not like chinese sour soup. While chinese sour soup had thick and goey texture, this sour soup was light and clear. There were two favourite proteins that people usually put in this soup, they were beef or fish. But I suspected that not all fish can be put in this soup. We really enjoyed eating with Sago Megono and Asem asem. Unfortunately we forgot to order Taoto.

Taoto was a short of Soto and Tauco. Soto itself was a famous Indonesian soup. In fact, you could find 20ish type of soto from all around Indonesia varied from the type of vegetables mixed in it and the soup. Some mixed with coconut milk while some served as clear soto soup. And Tauco was codiment made from fermented soybeans. It tasted a bit sour with soft soybeans in the mixture. People usually mixed Tauco with tofu and slices of chillis and some prawn. But in this particular area they apmixed tauco with soto. Interesting. It was just too bad we did not try it.


It was for sure a great culinary adventure. We did not expect to find some interesting food such that. Please hunt for these food when you are around. Bon Apetite!

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