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Ciputra Hotel, Semarang

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What is a journey without a destination?

welcome drinkWe finally arrived at our destination, Semarang. We were really tired due to the long road trip and several sightseeing. We were welcomed with a heavy rain making our heart longing to arrive at our hotel and refresh ourselves. It took us quite a time to get to Simpang Lima, a roundabout where our hotel was located. You know, there would always be trafic congestion whenever rain down in any part of Java island. A fact that I just knew about.

Thankfully, our hotel, Ciputra Hotel was easy to find. Just right when we entered the roudabout we can already its distinct building figure in one of the corner of the Simpang Lima. It had exact figure with Ciputra Hotel Jakarta. I would not miss it in any way. And just like its branch in Jakarta, this hotel was also in the same lot with Ciputra Mall with direct passage from hotel to mall. We arrived and welcomed with a fresh tropical drink, tipical of any five star hotel in Indonesia. We were refreshed in an instant.

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Written by Vallaura

January 6, 2013 at 12:50 AM

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