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Carpe Diém!

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shadeHoliday is almost over. Bummer. But I am very ready to embrace what lies ahead. All the blacks and whites and grays and all other colours of life that are ready for me. Available for me to use in my colour pallette to paint my world beautifully.

I made some promises to myself. Kind of promises which I always fail to keep. People call them resolution.  So far, after 11 days, I still remember them but have not made any progress in acomplishing them. Do you make promises to yourself this year? Well,  354 days to go! 🙂 One that I am going to share you is to seize the day. I don’t have photogprahic memory and in fact I kinda lame with memory. Some events last year that I can recall mostly because of the photo I took, or post I wrote or feeling I felt. So, I promise myself to do thise things more. So at the end of the year, I will feel than I indeed have 365 days in this year.

See you soon, blue sky and green bushes. In no time, we’ll be together again. At the mean time, seize the day!

There is no darkness at all

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Do you prefer to sleep with lights off or with lights on?

Well, for certain I am the later one. I don’t  like to be in the darkness. Especially darkness which I cannot control. Among those darkness are black out and eclipse. But the most terrifying darkness for me is the total and eternal darkness of  sin. That’s why, as a Christian, I am longing to be in The House of The Lord when there is no darkness at all.

Last Sunday was the first Sunday in the new year. I had an awful start of this year. So I came reluctantly and almost without hope. Almost. There I was, when  I thought nothing could cheer me up. His Words soaked in my mind, a short and simple sermon from 1 John 1-4. 

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