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There is no darkness at all

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Do you prefer to sleep with lights off or with lights on?

Well, for certain I am the later one. I don’t  like to be in the darkness. Especially darkness which I cannot control. Among those darkness are black out and eclipse. But the most terrifying darkness for me is the total and eternal darkness of  sin. That’s why, as a Christian, I am longing to be in The House of The Lord when there is no darkness at all.

Last Sunday was the first Sunday in the new year. I had an awful start of this year. So I came reluctantly and almost without hope. Almost. There I was, when  I thought nothing could cheer me up. His Words soaked in my mind, a short and simple sermon from 1 John 1-4. 

John wrote this letter to a church which was having problems. Amongst those problems was that some people were teaching different teaching from what the apostles were teaching. They were false prophets. We need to be careful with these kind of people. In fact, as the preacher said this words, I became alert whether or not the man who was standing in the pulpit was one of the false prophets. One of the easiest way to recognize false prophets was to check with The Bible. Were the messages delivered aligned with The Bible? If yes, then at the very least he was not teaching false teaching.

Other way to know one was a false prophet was by knowing his behavior. They usually claimed to have  a better understanding about God than any other men. In fact, they claimed to be better than Jesus. Well excuse me, but no one would be able to understand better about God than Jesus. They are triune, remember? Admitting yourself to have better understanding about God than Jesus simply meant that you claimed yourself as god.

They claim to know God yet also claim to be sinless (1 John 1:8)
They claim to kow God yet contradict his commands  (2:4)
They claim to know God yet lived without love (2:9)
They claim to know God but deny the deity of Jesus (2:22)
They claim to know God but deny jesus’ virgin birth (4:1-3)
They claim to know God but deny jesus’ atoning death (5:6-8)
Basically they were  against orthodox christian doctrines. You can be high, but there is no way you can be higher than Jesus. This kind of wrong belief about Jesus will bring you nothing but wrong behavior. And this was the very reason why John wrote this letter. John wrote to reassure and reconfirm them (1 John 2:12-145:13). Can you be a christian without Christ? This is the truth. Keep in the truth. Stay in the community of the truth.
Remember Buzz Light Year? “To infiniti and beyond”? It was a good for cartoon for children but definetely bad for christian. We should not go beyond what’s written or what the apostle had told us. We should not go beyond Jesus. We should not go beyond the Truth. Let’s start this year right and hopefully less sin, less darkness.
Scripted from Dan Fennell’s sermon, January 6th, 2013.

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