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Mr. Monk and His Badge

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One of the surprises I got for my last Christmas holiday came from my cable TV provider, Indovision, they gave a free trial for some channels. One of the channels was Universal Channel. Yay! My TV package did not include Universal Channel hence I was so happy because I can watch Monk and Criminal Minds.

Mr Monk

Just now, I watched some of Monk episodes. I forgot the title but I made my own, Mr Monk and his badge. Mr Monk was a detective in San Fransisco Police Department. Oh! San Fransisco is a must see place. So beautiful! Anyway, He got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when his wife Trudy (SFPD Captain’s sister) died in a car accident. Then he had to rely on his assistant and therapist to survive. He was good in solving murder problems that the PD hired him as a freelance consultant. But his all time dream was to get the gun and the badge and get back to the force.

This particular episode told story how he got them all back. He got the gun, badge and got back to the force. I thought it would be a happy ending. But it did not. His new position made him seperated with his assistant, his only family. And not only his assistant, he got to say good bye to Randy and Leland, both were his friends in the PD. He was not assigned in the same task force with them. So, he had to work with complete strangers. In one ocassion he called his assistant and asked her how could a thing that he wanted so bad made him felt so miserable.

I was stunned.

I had so many dreams in my life that I had to admit made me less interested with my current life. I hunted down that dream with all my might not knowing what would happened when I got it. Well, I might be happy, I knew that. But that would also separated me with my family and friends. And I would work with complete strangers. Not that I mind. But, that made me think of my attitude toward my life now. This might not be the dreamed life, but at least I got a good one.

Thanks for the lesson Mr. Monk.

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