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“Perspective is everything when it comes to relationship.”

Lately, I have been misunderstood by so many people around me. It is so difficult for me to open my mouth without worrying what will those words be interpreted. People have their own agenda. People have their own ways to want to see everything. And one of those people is myself.

I have been avoiding writing anything about my belief. People are very sensitive about this even when it comes from a total stranger like me. That is so strange. Please, if you don’t like what you read, leave it, leave me alone.

Misunderstood is one thing. Wounded is another thing. And I am both at the moment. “The powers of darkness love nothing more than to keep us in a place of pain and contention. We guard the places where where we’ve been wounded and strike if anyone ventures too closely.” Regina describes what I am now precisely. I have been keeping my opinion to myself because I’ve wounded. And I guess, you might too. When we are wounded we turn on our defense mechanism. A defense mehanism which will stray us away from people whom we love and love us hence we are wounded even more.

This photo was taken 2 years ago. One which will always remind me of the hurt and pain and… *sigh*

Written by Vallaura

March 10, 2013 at 11:13 PM

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