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Well, I have to say, these books are really womanizers. But I cannot help to see its resembles with the notorious twilight saga. Yes, a twi-hard like me will definitely see the resembles. And frankly, it’s a bit a disappointment. Couldn’t you creative anything else? Not that it’s not selling, I know.

For say, from all the places in the world, Seattle?

Super rich, cold, secretive, gloriously handsome, overprotective and megalomaniac male character? Brunnette, awkward, splitted parents, closewith Daddy, clumsy and risk taker female character?

Yeah… You can see Edward Cullen in Christian Gray, Anastasia Steele in Isabella Swan vica versa. Well, unless you are blind.

IMHO, E. L. James could have made only one single book, and not three if she put the fucks aside and dwelled more on the romantic love story. Or was she at the beginning? But then again it would not be under erotic romance for mature audience. And that would not please some people, wouldn’t it? Guess, it is as it said it is; we aim to please. And I have no comment on that.

The kinky fuckery is very informative though. Though I kinda lost in all the new vocabularies, if not died a thousand death on some.


Laters, baby. 😉

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