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The Host

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I just had a movie night with one of my girl friends. We watched The Host. It wasn’t planned and we weren’t expecting anything. We just hope that the name Stephanie Meyer would give us at the very least not a disappointment. It actually quite nice, so Stephanie.

And I had an instant crush with Jared Howe the lead male character despite a complete shock of female faces there.

At first, the story was kinda sci-fi with sleek shiny silvers cars, motorbikes and coppers, clothes (white actually, not silver), eyes (yes eyes!) and aliens. Then it became kinda horror where the female characther had voices in her head. And it could even control some of her (the host) actions (hands, feets, etc).

Bear with the story for a while because it became sorta tense and a bit thrilling. And out of nowhere, you would find yourself caught in a love triangle. Damn! How could I not knew it. Stephanie Meyer’s signature, isn’t it?

I guess that was the peak of the story. The end was kinda predictable, even though the story tried to drift me away from my guesses. It was close to what I thought it would be. But hey, as long it’s a good and happy ending, I’m on it.

Just a bit disappointed with the females’ faces. I hope next time they could choose prettier girls. Seriously, look at Max Irons, HE IS HOT. He deserves hot chicks to kiss with. Sorry for my straightforwardness (if that even a word).

For me, it’s 7 out of 10. So you should go for it. It’s light, positive and nice. And… You can see Max Irons of course! 🙂

Oh, Happy Good Friday for all of you who are celebrating! He died for us.

Written by Vallaura

March 29, 2013 at 12:22 AM

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