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What is heaven?

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This morning I had my last Christian Belief class at church. There were around 15 of us fighting our heavy eyes and heads to stay focus to Wayne Grudem and our dear church elder. In fact, I shoved in two cups of coffee to my throat just to make sure I was sober during the class. We were learning about “What is heaven?” It was like a sum up of the entire 20 doctrines that we had during this program.

I spitted out a bit of an unappropriate question, now that I’d think about it. No one could answer it. Even our reliable american dad shook his head trying to get a grip of it. What a closure, Len!

Anyway, I had great time learning with this folks. Even though there were some Saturdays that were really rough to stay awake to. Ha! If you are open for some christian doctrines, then this is the book you should go after… And please dont mind the oil paper and lipstick… Hehehe….

Written by Vallaura

March 30, 2013 at 7:33 PM

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