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Easter 2013

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Happy Easter 2013!

This Easter, I made a radical decision for my life. I did not plan this, of course. In fact, I might only come to the service due to my obligation to teach at Sunday School. So, I kinda surprised by myself as well. So, I decided to stop pursuing my all time dreams.


I guess, it is time for me, not to give up, but to move on with life. Well, there are still 2 open possibilities until the end of April. But after that, I will assume that God forbids my dreams to come true, for whatever good reasons He has in mind. I knew when I shed my tears during the service that I loved my dreams more than God. I could reflect all my prayers and efforts and money spent to these dreams instead of Him. And I felt dead. So, it was the time to stand up and be courages. I love God more than anything and it is the time to really walk the talk.


As I went back home from Easter service last Sunday. I could not believe myself that I made that decision. I could not imagine myself living without dreams. But I also knew that I could not lie to myself, telling I love God more than anything when I act differently. Yes, I will keep on praying till the end of April and let’s see how things are going. There’s only one word to sum up this, faith.


I made a radical decision this Easter. How about you? Did this Easter leave a permanent mark to your life? Did His resurrection leave you some remembrance to live for Him? Think about it.


Happy Easter 2013!

Written by vallaura

March 31, 2013 at 11:54 PM

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