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Klaine’s Wedding

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red-equal-symbolThe word “wedding” in regarding to a tweet by Mr Ryan Murphy keeps on ringing in my head in fact it stopped me from my work that I assume need to be addressed in my personal online diary, this blog.

Be warned that there are some offensive and discriminative views ahead. They are my own and you can feel free to disagree with them. It is a free world, but please respect my free opinion and do so on your own blog. I welcome all open minded people to join my thoughts and continue reading. 🙂


We all know that a week ago (or so) Americans were fighting for Equal Marriage Rights (if I am not mistaken). I assume it was about LGBTQ marriage. It was fascinating for me to read, listen and watch all the debates, opinions, voices and acts regarding to this issue. It came to my realization that I do follow and read a lot of piece work of people with LGBTQ statuses. And they were marvelous. Hence, I started to build my own opinion in this brain lobe of mine.

I am a christian. So I have to say that the idea of LGBTQ is not biblical. If you directly ask me, whether I agree or disagree with equal marriage, I can only answer with one answer, it is not biblical so it is not right hence I disagree with the idea of equal marriage.

I am also a human. I know that we, human beings, are fallen creatures. This world has became so corrupted and polluted that there is no clear boundaries between right or wrong and opinion or fact. The fact is when I point at someone for not being  so-called “not-biblical” I am actually pointing at myself. When I address that being gay is sin, I also address myself that talking behind other people’s back is sin, as gossiping is. So who are we deciding other people when we cannot even decide our own? Who am I?

I am a teacher as well. I currently teaching in a school that holds up Biblical value. So, if one of my students addresses this issue to me, I will give answers accordingly. This is not being hypocrite. And this is not self-justification. This is me being a professional educator at a Christian institution. Parents of these children had agreed and signed letter of agreement that their children will be educated with Biblical values.

I am a hopeless gleek. And I long for Klaine’s wedding. I shed tears when they broke up. I leaped to joy hearing the word wedding. It’s not hypocrite, it is called being human. It’s celebrating love. Even when it is a forbidden one, a wrong one. People should watch this TV series before they decide their stand on equal marriage.

All you LGTBQ out there, you are welcomed in the house of the Lord, in the fellowship of His children. You are loved. And Jesus died and rose up for you too because He created you. And me as your sister in Christ will love you and embrace you for what you are.

Klaine’s wedding?  Bring it on!!!! 🙂

Equal marriage? Wish you all the best…


Written by Vallaura

April 2, 2013 at 10:56 PM

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