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Mak Beng

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mak beng 2I was on a weekend trip to Bali last month. It was a hassle preparing a trip to Bali in such a short period of time-not that it was not my fault though. hehehe.. 😀

Thankfully, I had a friend who lived there that I could BBM to ask one or two on-the-go tips, including places to visit. One of the places she mentioned was Mak Beng.

Mak Beng is a small diner nearby Sanur Beach, Bali. It is located at Jalan Hang Tuah No. 45, Sanur, but most drivers in Bali would not know addresses, apparently. The easiest way to go there is by finding drivers who know Mak Beng. Or tell the driver that it is located on Sanur Beach, 20 m from Inna Beach Hotel. Then, they would not miss it! 🙂

mak beng 1Their specialties were deep fried fish, fish soup and chili condiment. Sorry for those who do not eat fish. Not your place. I kinda not recognize the kind of fish they are serving. I asked them and did not get the answer. A name of a fish that I never heard before. Oops, kinda scary, isn’t it?

For a portion of these, fried fish, fish soup, rice and chili condiment you will need to pay Rp 35000 (around US$ 3.50). The fried fish was plain, very crispy and rather not salted. They will serve you fresh from the pan along with the chili condiment. 

The soup was a bit tasteless for me. For and Indonesian, I think it needs more salt and a few more drops of acidic flavor. I thought I would get it from the vegetables floating there. We had this sour fruit that we usually put for this kind of soup to bring freshness but it was actually boiled cucumber. So, it was plain and too watery. But if you are a person with salt intolerance, this dish would make your day. 

Oh, and I found that this dish was similar with Garang Asam from Central Java or Asem-asem from West Java, and maybe similar to other dishes that I had not tried but exist in my country. hehehe… It worth to try though, especially with such a cheap price and wonderful location! 

Bon Appetit!

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