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Hello 2014

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I have been in hiatus for months. And it feels good to be back writing again. My friend visits this blog and makes a note through an sms and I decide to take a look of the last piece that I write. well, it’s always good to be back to a good ol’ habit. 🙂

Today is my first day of Semester 2 of the school where I am currently teaching. Guess what? Not only the students and teachers feel gloomy about it, the weather too! Rain, or may I say, constant rain keeps on pouring Jakarta. As a matter of fact if people living in US has Snow Day, we in Jakarta has Flood Day.

Daan Mogot

I have been keeping my eyes to twitter, making sure I know roads that are closed with flood. The picture above is the road that I have to pass from workplace back to my home. I am riding motorbike, so you can see I will have soaked wet shoes and I will need to be extra careful since the road that is covered by the water has a lot of holes that can trip any motorbike.

TB Simatupang

This is the road from church back to my family home in Depok, suburb of Jakarta. I pass this road every weekend. Last Sunday, I was lucky to be wise enough to go home straight from church that I did not need to pass it in a very terrible condition as the picture showed.


Some other Jakartans are not very lucky. They have to pass 1m flood or for some others, the flood is on their neighborhood that they need to move out to find drier and safer place.

Hello 2014.

Please dont dry our hopes for a better year yet. We still have months to go, or a year minus 13 days to go.

People everywhere, keep praying and keep safe.

Written by Vallaura

January 13, 2014 at 10:41 PM

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