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crawl if you must!

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sometimes there is more danger in doing nothing than doing something wrong. And there is more danger in staying put than moving backward. In fact, when life seems too demanding and comes like a blizzard catching our attention, our worse responds will be the lack of response.

Every now and then, we all are there, in a spot where we have to decide to which current our lives would flow. And I bet, someone out there, is just like me, indecisive, hoping everything would fall in places without me making any decision. Like that going to happen. So today, when I saw the quote. sigh. crawl if you must, Len! I feel the urgency to make decision is greater than it has ever been before. Whatever, right or wrong, making decision shows how mature we are as a human being.


Written by vallaura

January 21, 2014 at 7:10 PM

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