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Dessert Company

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It was a hard working day at the school I am teaching. We seriously needed a break. So, my friend and I decided to run away for a short afternoon snacks. And we chose Dessert Company.

imageWe tried their nachos and fried chicken breasts some time ago when the child of the owner brought them to our potluck party at school. I fell in love with their nachos instantly. The amount of bbq sauce and mayo were just right. The color was great. And when we arrived there, we found out that the price was also reasonable. Love it.

imageWhen we studied their menu, we found out that they had quite variety of food. We were intriqued by their pizzas. So, we ordered one. I forgot which one. But I remember it tasted great! I love the big chunck of three colored paprikas, red, yellow and green. They gave wonderful colors. And the mushrooms were tasty, gooey and just the right amount. Then the melted cheese with salami on top of those veggies… ooh dear. We gulped it when it was still hot. Yumm… yumm…. 😉

imageimageWe only tried those two, with lychee iced tea and soft drink and we were damn satisfied. What a good way to kill some fatique from work. We head back again refreshed and full! You should try to visit them!

Written by Vallaura

February 3, 2014 at 12:30 AM

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