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I must have gone crazy. I now regularly (or plan to) visit a place which cost me a fortune, where I will be tortured and where I get seriously stressed out. My defense, I have to. I am starting to dislike the reflection that I see whenever I see the mirror. The acnes have been too many to ignore. Hence the visit to a dermatologist.


One of my fear of this particular dermatologist is the long waiting. But I have been asking my friends here and there, apparently this is still the one most people recommend. Or perhaps because all others are just the same. So starting January 2014, I am one of those beauty freaks of erha. I almost cannot forgive myself for this.

imageTo my solace, I found this place good, as good could be for a beauty center. I visited erha depok which located in Ruko of ITC Depok, just across A&W burger parlor. It was Monday so I was hoping the queue was bearable. And it was. I came, registered myself, and waited for the registration to be completed (1). Then they called me to go to the 2nd fl to wait for the doctor (2). After 15 minutes, they let me in. The doctor asked several general question of my hope of this visit. Then she asked me to lie down where she could examine my face. She then explained the skin condition and the treatment would be conducted. Her assistant then took a photo of me while the doctor wrote the prescription. All happened in 15-20min. Oh, I was advised to take bha acne peeling treatment conducted after the consultation as I said I could be not under any direct sunlight for the next 3 days. And also to take facial treatment a week after the peeling treatment. Then I went downstairs and waited for payment (3). They called me for the perscription. After I agreed all I waited again to get all my creams (4). Then they called me to go to 3rd fl for the peeling treatment. It was short around 30min. After all were done I went down and arranged facial treatment appointment on the coming week. Done. I was done for my 1st doctor appointment.

imageI got my facial treatment the week after that and just this morning I went there for my 2nd doctor appointment and 2nd facial treatment. I kinda like their facial treatment, which was so masochist of me saying that because it was expensive and painful. I like it because the treatment I got worth the money. It was modern involving steaming, vacuuming, high frequencying, and serumming. LOL if there were those words. For short, first, they asked you to changed into tube top and covered your hair with a cap. Then they cleaned our face. And then they put the steam tube on our face. After 10min, they vacuummed the T-area using vacuum tube. After that, they started to clear the komedos, or what oil acnes? the big acnes were a no no to touch. Thank God. Then they used the HF tube to (like) burn the bacterias. Next, they applied mask. And let it dry for about 30min. They peeled it off and applied the oil control serum (the type of serum depends on the type of facial treatment you advised to). They used a machine too in applying the serum. They said to help the serum absorbed fully. It was a cold machine. Almost like ice rock in some other facial treatment places. After all the steps were done, they asked whether you’d choose to get your tea there or to be taken away, I usually get the tea bag and make it at home. They’d ask whether you want to keep the tube top and the cap. So, when I was done and about to leave, they handed me a collagen mask, to be used 2weeks from that day, a tea bag, a small package of sugar, wrapped tube top and cap. Quite impressive service for 200,000 idr package, right?

So here I am hoping you would join me to be one of those beauty freaks so I am less sinful for what I am.


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