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Cakery: RC versus TLJ

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These past couple of weeks, I had the chance to share some of God’s blessings by buying birthday cake, one of them for my very good friend 🙂

For her birthday, I refused to buy  just an ordinary cake. So, even though I knew she would not like any cake I bought, I still insisted to buy her a branded 4-star-hotel-quality cake. I bought her Strawberry Tart of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta with full hope that she might like it.


It tasted good. The crust was sweet and crunchy. The cream was soft and light. And the strawberries were fresh and delicious. It was not like any other tart that would make you feel full just by looking the cream. This was fresh and simply yummy. Or so I thought. She apparently she did not like it at all. She smiled and gratefully received it. She had a bite and gave the strawberries away and threw the rest of the cake in the trash in. Had I been sensitive, I would be very upset. But I knew it already, the chances were small for her to approve or even like the cake I bought.

imageThe second cake I bought was for one or my colleagues who just had her birthday on February 19. It was Fresh Cream Cake by The Tous Les Jours or I prefer to say it TLJ 🙂

I had been scouting for their cakes for months! I love the clean feeling that I got everytime I see their cake. It was clean, neat and fresh. I was actually planning to buy one of these for my good friend, but I chose The Ritz cake instead.

Aside from all the good feeling I got, the cake was nothing like the appearance. I was kinda disappointed. Though not a lot. I learnt already that we shouldn’t judge book by its cover. So even though I was disappointed, I had this feeling already. The cake was dry and butterless. I couldn’t believe how a very creamy cake like this tasted so dry and -less in almost all aspects. Suprisingly though, some of our friends loved it. They even ate more than 3 slices. Oh dear!

So, taste wise, I like Strawberry Tart better than Fresh Cream Cake, even though there are some peaches slices in the layers of the fresh cream cake. Appearance wise, both look amazing, don’t you agree? Size wise, well, Fresh Cream Cake will have to outsize (if there’s such saying, hehehe…)  Strawberry Tart. And price wise…. frankly speaking, I bought the Strawberry tart on 25% discount because it was kinda late, 8pm. Apparently, it was the common law. Buy cake and tarts after 8PM, you’d get special discount. Clever me! But even with that big discount, with size smaller than its competitor, The Strawberry Tart is still way more expensive that the Fresh Cream Cake by almost 100 idr! Hahaha…. So pick your choice for your special one… hope that whatever their wishes and desires would come true… annnddd…. blow the candle!


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