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Misquoted Quote

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I am sad to say, that this quote from a great man, Winston Churchill, might be one of the most misquoted quotes.

Well, at the very least, I know some of the people in my surroundings will use this words of wisdom to defend and justify themselves.


Why do they do that?

First of all the fact that having enemies is good. Boy, wouldn’t that be a statement that most of us say amen?! Sometines, we don’t even care what comes after that. Whatever, we would agree upon it, because we have sold ourselves for that first statement. Unfortunately, of course, having enemies is not good. Because if we are honest, if we are really a good person, people would not be our enemy. Yes, they might dislike us. But they wouldnt put themselves against us and called themselves enemies.


Secondly, the stood up for something thingy. Oh dear, dont we prone to misinterpret this? Yes, it’s a good character to stand up for something that we believe, but wouldn’t it make us self-righteous? Anyway, what are standing up for? Sometimes, this attitude makes us, proud that we forgot to check whether the thing that we stand up for, is the right thing to stand up for. What if unknowingly, we stand up for a bad reason?


oh dear, i hope the next time we are eluded to quote, we would not misquote and be a self-righteous person. Good luck!

Written by Vallaura

March 5, 2014 at 10:46 PM

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