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Why soccer is not created for girls.

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These past few months, I joined my friend’s extra curriculum activity on their soccer match practice. It was always sun blarring and breath gasping moments from me. Age really does matter.


From those moments, there are things that I understood of why soccer was not created for girls.

#1. Sunscreens!

imageOh man. We were there 2.30 pm sharp getting some feels of the ball and adjusting some blazing sun light while the girls were busy applying some sunscreens. Well, I would not disagree with them, after all skin is one of our most prominent aspect as a woman. But, c’mon half an hour for applying sunscreen? You just gotta be kidding me.

#2. Selfies!

And what’s with selfie? As soon as they are done with their skin bussiness, they started to do some small runs and warm ups and selfies! They did that small runs approaching me and asking me for selfies… and this took another 10 minutes of our time. I was stoked. It was indeed fun, taking selfies with them, smiling, laughing and teasing one another. But 40minutes wasted already.


#3. Screams!

So, we were playing. Finally! It was two teams. The first team was the coach, the best goalkeeper, me and some bench players. And the second team was the winning team, all best players of the girls’ soccer team were there. The deal was the winning team will treat the losing one pizza and the losing team should run 5 laps. Unless, the coach team lost. Then we should run 20 laps. Boy o’ boy, what a life at stake. To be honest, I am just a cheer. I cannot play soccer but I love watching World cup and European cup. It was even harder playing with students. Which means strength control, attitude control, and mouth control. I remember the first time I played, I bumped a girl who weighed probably one-fifth of my weight. She almost flew. Gosh! I also tackled a girl’s feet making her stumble and almost fell on her face. Yaiks! And …oh dear how many time that shit word almost jumped out of my mouth. And these girls while playing they were screaming. At least two of them. Whenever they screamed, I screamed too or I stopped and laughed at them or I was shocked and closed my ears. Whatever, I couldn’t continue playing for some seconds.

#4. Sport(wo)manship!

So The match was over. Guess who won? The coach team won with 3-0. We shook hands and lied down to enjoy the breeze when I realized that one of the girls was crying. So, they were blaming each others. Telling us that, one girl scolded the team because they were not defending properly. The goalkeeper was frustrated. She said she asked for replacemeng after the first goal because she was scolded for letting a goal. That was unbelievable. It was just a game. And they were in the same team when they are going to SPH cup on May. And now they are saying that they dont want to be in each other’s team. ehh.. what? Me, the coach and other fellow teacher decided to grab dinner after the match. While waiting for our food served. The coach told us that they were still talking about it on their whatsapp group. dear girls… you really need to shake things up.. less emo.


So.. oh. Not that I against soccer for girls. But I guess before those things settled, soccer is not created for girls. Hopefully, we can settle these things before our match day on May. Fingers crossed!

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