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Treasures for a woman’s heart

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Ladies out there… what do you treasure the most?

hmmm… if I am to answer that question few months back, the options would be…

  1. My BRAIN, though I am not a Berkeley graduate, but I am not a dumb dumb blonde girl… at the very least I know how to tab my own bill.
  2. My BEAUTY, I always say I am beautiful. Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  3. My BEHAVIOUR, I can be cool and collected even when I am about to explode. I use kind gestures, encouraging expressions, and positive words to most people around me. I know my way around people. I read Malcolm Gladwell’s books.

But right now, I tell you, I treasure something rather different. And it’s totally true what they said, where your treasure is, your heart is.

imageI treasure God.

I join this Bible Study at my church, JICF, last year. One of my elder’s wife wrote her very own BS book. Quite frankly, I joined because I wanted to know what kind of woman did my elder marry to. She is dead gorgeous. And rumour said that she came from a jetset community. I came and found out truths about her and amazed. wow. such woman does exist. Proofing me once again how unfair life could be.

Her book is deep meaningfully amazing. I recommend this book for you. Go get it at our church. After 9 weeks studying the book together, I joined the second class, using the same book. Some might said I am crazy, repeating the same book. But I not only wanted to learn it deeper but I also wanted to develop friendship with these ladies that I started to know from the BS.

The second 9 week journey ended last month. It was wonderful time of learning from each other and encouraging one another.


Our small group peeps decided to celebrate with a farewell lunch with hopes that in the future we can always  encourage one another.


Indeed that this life is for God. What we treasure should be what God treasures. It’s not wrong to treasure our brain, beauty or behaviour, not at all, they are from God. We are blessed with them. But let us not treasure the gift, but treasure The Giver. 🙂



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