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If you fancy hot food, noodle and cold dessert. I know a right place for you. SUMOBOO!

Sumoboo, located at the Ruko Crown Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Golf, Pantai Indah Kapuk. phone: 021-96628677, is famous for its Nutella Bomb dessert. In fact they have a range of cold dessert with wonderful and appealing look that would make you want to try all.

imageMy fave food there is Buta Noodle Level 20. It is a dry ramen (Japanese noodle) with a mix of seaweed, poached egg, dice pork (or chicken if you dont eat pork) and a squeeze of lime. You can choose your chili level ranged from 0 to 30 in multiples of 5. I tried level 15 on my first visit and decided to go for 20 on the next visit and found that level 20 was super for my tongue. If you are not a hot food lover, I suggest you start with level 0 or level 5 and dont go any further than that.

imageMy friends and colleagues on the other hands, love their dessert so much. And it is like watching a fashion show when the dessert came to our table. They are all beautiful and mouth watering food.

imageI forgot most of what they ordered, or which one is which one. Because of their names and words that I could not understand. So, sorry I couldnot tell you which one is what. But from what I heard, Kakigori: Nutella Bomb+chocolate mountain+sliced almond is the one to after. I have not try it by myself but my friend refused to share hers with others. uh-hu. That good, she said! …and it’s not in the picture. hehehe… if you are up to a chocolate on cold dessert, go after that one. Satisfaction guarantee! 🙂 lol

imageIt was a very sunny afternoon, so, the matcha (green tea) ice cream was kinda melting fast. It would not be appetizing if all melted and became a soup, right? Just like this one that one of  my friends ordered. I know it screams healthy, but oh… just plain green and black is not a color of delicious.

Especially, the famous, Boo Kakigori!

This dessert is what kids are screaming for. My friends tried it too. And found themselves confused on how to eat it and how to finish it!


I mean, just look at that. Isn’t it just sugar coated ice piles? hahaha… they are very cute though. And our next table order the gree ones, hihihi… cute!

But all in all, my fave drink to go along with my super spicy Buta Noodle is Mango flavored Tea with Lychee Popping  Boba. yummmm… I cannot wait to eat there again. 🙂


oh… here are some menus from





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