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Cakery: TLJ + 12CC

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Happy Bday Asha!


She turns 1 few days ago! And she had a wonderful bday looking by the cake she had. Yumm!!

According to her mum who is one of my bestfriends, this selection of TLJ cake is also quite dry. I think they need to do a real makeover to their cake recipe. Maybe recipe for bread is just not right for cake. Their presentation is really appealing though. So, at least they are doing right on something.

imageSo, she had this chocolate cream cake and got some selection of the Twelve Cupcakes and joined ghem together into a beautiful craft of birthday cake. Yumm… look at those cupcakes. They fit just right around the cake.

Asha, you are one lucky girl! Your mum is so creative!

And, Instead of putting up fancy candles that I always choose… errr…she made a beautiful name craft with print out photos. Noone would have this kind of cake, ever!

Don’t you feel happy just by looking at the birthday cake? well, i do!

And look at the mamamade owl goodie bags! Me want….

Oohhh….  I feel like celebrating! 🙂

Happy Birthday Asha!

Written by Vallaura

May 5, 2014 at 1:42 AM

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