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Cut The Crab, will ya’ ?

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Today,  was somewhat an extraordinary day. It’s a rare occasion for me and my friends went out for early dinner. Well, one of them is my diner-buddy but the other one is a busy mother with 2 kids. So, I was delighted to have her with us.

imageWe went to a new seafood restaurant, Cut The Crab, one of the restaurants that stretches at Pantai Indah Kapuk Area, exactly next to the famous Ramen restaurant, Hakata Ikkousha Ramen. You wouldn’t miss it.

It was 3.15 pm. So the place was empty. There’s a small aquarium next to the door in which you were to decide the size of your crab if you were ordering crab dish. Today, they only had M size crab. Well, perfect for the three of us to share.

imageAfter  choosing our crab, we picked our seats and studied their menu. Basically they only had 3 main courses and 6 side dishes. One of the main courses was the Crab Combo, their specialty. We chose fried potatoes, boiled sweet potato and rice to accompany our crab. There were some side dishes too and choices of extra veggies for the crab, but prefer not.

The waiter, after taking our orders, covered our table with oil paper and gave our bottomless ice teas. It’s true what they said, no plates, they would just put the crab on the table point blank. Then he came with paper apron which was cute. 🙂

It took them around 5min to prepare our crab. They did it next to the small aquarium next to the door. And another 3-5min to get it cooked and served it to our table.


We ordered medium level of spicyness. It was hot at the beginning but not at all towards the end. XXX was the highest level and I thought it would not be wise to get the very spicy one on our first try. It was great! I loved having fun with my hammer pounding crab sticks here and there. hehehe… I know that everybody likes that. The price is rather expensive though, but… it kinda worthed . I mean, crabs are expensive, right?

So, if you are a fan of crab, I think you should try at least once. And it would be great if you brought your friends with you. You can share the food and the bill too! heheheh… enjoy cutting the craP! oops .. I meam, crab.


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