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The famous burrito truck in town, Locco Mama was at PIK!

imageSo, right after work me and my colleagues went there. It was a crazy afternoon, I must say. Apparently the truck came because they were imvited  to dell at a Bazaar  thing.  So, the place was super crowded. We decided to stroll around the alleys of the bazaar to notice that it was a wrong decision. We missed the rice. Sold out! ugh!

Anyway,  when they said we missed the rice means there was no rice in the menu. No Burritos! 😳😭😭😭 Or … we could wait for another hour or so for the rice to be delivered. Sigh. Waiting for the rice to be delivered on Friday afternoon as such with Jakarta traffic. ugh. not an option for me. So, we just ate their nachos and salsa. It was great and on the money. The served a quiet generous amount of tortilla chips with dressings on a plastic bowl. I could close with the lid and shake the bowl to get everything mixed. Very convenient for me. My friends were happy with their order too. Taste wise and price wise they had them all. I just felt sad we couldn’t eat their champion menu. 

Written by Vallaura

August 16, 2014 at 2:43 AM

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