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Bakmi Aloi

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One of my all-time favourite noodle dishes in Jakarta is from Bakmi Aloi.


At first, I consider my friend giving too much credit just for a noodle. C’mon… nothing beats Indomi Goreng! So I always turn down the offer eating Bakmi Aloi for lunch until one day out of the blue, my friend takes me there.

imageI ordered what she ordered. Something like one portion of noodle with mushroom and chicken and porky-pork 😛 …and humongous amount of pickled chili and onion. yup. pickled chili and onion.

we drove back to the teacher’s room and I decided to go for it while it’s hot. And oohh myyy gooodness…. for all the taste in the world. This noodle is amoozing! 😋 I felt I was enlighten. hahahahha…. sounds exagerating? I should be. The texture of the noodle is just right. There’s this solid gooey feeling that made the noodle wonderful to chew. Without the pickled chili and onion and chili sauce, the noodle itself tastes great. You can enjoy the sweet, saltyness and a pinch of sourness there. The meat and mushroom cooked perfectly, not under or over.

imageI myself  loves spicy things. So, of course, I added some bags of pickled chili and onion and some bags of chili sauce. They added more colour and taste! The tang feeling of sour is more. And the crunch of chewing the pickle is a sensation. Yes, it taste very spicy. But that’s the euphoria for me…. hehehehe…. The one in the picture is the noodle without porky pork slices. I ordered another one when I visited this restaurant again with the porky pork. And it was even better. Oh man, you should, i mean, you must go for this noodle when you are in Jakarts.



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