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Durian Cafè

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imageBorn and live in tropical paradise of Indonesia, I came to know lots of wonderful things that half of the world could never imagine seeing them. Of course I am referring to Durian. You might already knew it. It’s a tropical fruit found in SouthEast region of Asia. The famous hard-skin covered with spikes is the idea of Singapore Opera House, not that any durian every comes from Singapore. Sorry to say. Probably the most well breed durian is the Thailandnese, Monthong. But my friend will argue about this since she said her all time favourite is Penang durian (I forgot the name) which I have never tasted before. So, no point of arguing since I am not in the position to compare. I am easy to please person. So, I am good with small Indonesian under breed durian which taste absolutely amazing. And here, in Jakarta particularly, we dont just eat them fresh. We make them into dishes. How clever are we? 😋


So, in a hot sunny day of work, we decided to take a break and visited this Durian Cafè. It’s nearby our workplace, around 10min drive. The place is quiet, well it was not lunch time yet, so we had the place for ourselves. We ordered different dishes of our likeness and we all agreed that they were delicious.















imageWell, the portion of serving could improve, in my opinion. It was kinda small while we were expecting at the very least normal size.  And each dishes only got one or two slices or rounds of fresh durians while I wanted more! hahahaha…. that’s the problem of not eating fresh durian. 😆 The price was ok. But maybe because the portion was small so it’s kinda a bit expensive? Look forward to visit the place again.

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