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Taste of Home in far away land

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It’s my sixth day living in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was like my life has turned completely upside down. Everything is almost the opposite.

Today, just like yesterday, I decided to bring the taste from home to my plate. I’ve googled how to cook rice with microwave since i dont bring rice cooker and i’m not sure i’m allowed to use my portable stove. Yesterday was not a success. But today, yummm…hot plain rice on plate is a start of a good day.

Here’s the directions:
1. Rinse the rice. I did it twice to get all the dirt away but not the nutritions.
2. Put it in a microwave-safe container without a lid. Dont forget to put enough water on it, approx the brim of your palm.
3. Put it in the microwave, set the max temperature (usually: high) and set the timer to 8min for a cup of rice, adjust accordingly.
4. When it’s done, take it out, stir it properly, you’ll learn whether you put enough water or not. And you can “try” to fix the problem if you have, as in, add a lil bit of water and put it back in the microwave.
5. After you stir it, put the lid on the container you use. Secure properly, and put back in, use the same temperature and set for about 4min.
6. Take it out and leave it resting for another 5min. You can open the lid, try whether the rice cooked properly and put back the lid to let it rest a little bit more if you like it dry.
7. Serve with various dishes of your fave. Mine today was rendang. 🙂

In my opinion, it does not taste as good as when you cook with rice cooker. Because i like it more dry. Of course the type of container used also give effect. I guess the one i used was kinda small, so not enough room for the rice to expand. Sort of. But when you are short of everything you would be happy with anything.

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  1. I love your post ! 🙂
    Follow me pls 😉



    August 28, 2014 at 3:55 PM

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