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Blackball: cold Asian dessert

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imageOn my conquest exploring Asian dessert around my workplace before I leave, I came to the famous Blackball, Dessert House around PIK. 


I must say, I do not have enough experience to develop sensitive taste buds to distinguish the differences of oh-so-many new Asian dessert house in Jakarta, specifically in PIK area.


But I must say, as a non-chinese Indonesian, I am thrilled to see that this one provides wonderfully designed eating area while most of the others just give plain under-decorated plastic chairs and alumunium tables. You can see and feel the difference from the very step you enter in.














There’s enough outdoor area for smoking people. In fact, there’s a sit-on-the-floor area which was packed with smoking teenagers when I went there. All surrounded with pots of nice flowers that made them all neat and beautiful. 🙂


Furnitures are not in plastic. That’s great isn’t? And they still to combination of black, white and nature colors. Really good for eyes that are tired of working. Marking students’ work, in my case.


There’s also benches made in swings design. They could not swing, of course, still, it was nice to feel being in a swinging bench. It has been a while for me.



imageThe menu is as varied as other dessert houses as I recall. But I feel their menus give less ice and more “ketan item” (black-sticky rice?). Oh, and less grass jelly too. So I guess it depends whether you like ice, or you prefer more grass jelly and so on. The taste just similar in my opinion. It’s because the mixture is different so the overall taste is different. 


My fave one, the balls taste great and in right amount. I would prefer more ice and less beans though. hehehe…













My friend was with me at that time. And we feel the AC was in too high temperature. And that the indoor space was far smaller than the outdoor. They have not yet open their second floor, maybe that would add some more indoor area. Overall review, if I am looking for cold dessert to have chit chat with colleagues after work, this is definitely the place.








Written by vallaura

August 30, 2014 at 3:23 PM

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