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Cooking in Denmark: Spicy Chicken

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Everyday, when I open any social media from any gadget, I felt this churring sound in my tummy.

I am hungry.

A constant hunger for at least this coming year for any Indonesian food.

So, to fix a bit of my mood, I made this Spicy Chicken.

Well, to be fair, this is not such an accomplishement to be proud of. But cooking in Denmark made this a very accomplishment since I could not find my way getting ingredients and spices needed to cook the real Indonesian spicy chicken.

So, i bought this chili mixture in a bottle, in asian sector of local Danish store, Netto. It tastes awfully salty! And not at all spicy. Luckily for me, a friend of mine gives me a pack of small green chili. We call it “Cabe Rawit”. And it’s known for its super spiciness. Then, I work my magic from what I have.

I fried two pieces of chicken until they are realtively cook. While waiting for them to cook thoroughly, about 10min in 6-7 heat in an electric stove, I chop some veggies. Or whatever I could find, a quarter of onion, one and half round of tomatoes, brocolli, and cebe rawit. I put them aside. After the chicken is done. I stir fry for a minute of those ingredients. Put two table spoons of that chili mixture, one table spoon of soy sauce, and 2 pinches of white sugar. I lower the heat and let them soften. I add some drops of water and put the chicken and brocolli in. Put the lid of the pan. And wait for 6-7 mins. I mix them together, maxing sure that the chicken absorbs the sauce. Taste the sauce and balance the flavour. I cook a portion of jasmine rice on my microwave. And in 15 min, dinner is ready.

It does not taste as spicy as I would want it, but it is enough for the mean time, until I could go to Asian market here in copenhagen and find all the things that I want. Yumm!

Written by Vallaura

September 11, 2014 at 9:02 PM

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