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Klampenborg Beach

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10643396_1084733411553865_1746252063_nWelcome to Klampenborg Beach! 😉

So, in my attempt to enjoy every minute of living in Denmark,  I went to Klampenborg Beach last Saturday. Well, actually, I was attending church event, FIBC Day in the area, in Slotsallen. And when I walked there I passed this gorgeous beach. “Hell, am I really in the capital city of Scandinavian countries?”, I thought. So, after attending the event, me and some new friends that I met went there and enjoy some shades of the last sun shines this summer. I went to three beaches in this spread actually. I went to Helleruphavn beach, Charlottenlund Fort beach and this one, Klampenborg beach. But this side of the beach is by far, the best of three, or so far. 🙂

This spot is the furthest to the sea. Hence the lifeguard post. But there’s no hunk and handsome lifeguard when I went there. What a pitty. But hunk and handsome Danes are not only on posts… ❤

I went there with my 3 new friends. Two were my fellow Indonesian from Ambon and Bali. While one was from Georgia. Not the US one, but the European one. She brought her camera. Lucky of us…. hehehe…


So this beach has 4, or maybe 5 beach volley courts. It was not like the one I saw in Paris. Where people play volley beach on a gigantic box of sand in the middle of the city. This one is the real sand, warm and bouncy. I wish I was in my beach outfit with a volley ball. Oh. I miss my beautiful Bali and Lombok. But this beach is not a bad remedy, actually.


Seeing the blue sky collapsed with the blue water was really a view. One could not help but to roll one’s jeans and dare one self to dip into the freezing water of Baltic sea. Don’t you agree?


It was cold. But in that sunny day, it felt refreshing, as what sea water always, always does. 🙂


Trees were about to change their colors. It’s almost Autumn. And it’s time to say goodye to Summer. I will definately enjoy my first Autumn. But for now. Let’s just enjoy this extention of Summer, or what people said Indian Summer.

Hope you had wonderful wonderful Summer! 🙂

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