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Rue de Lyon, Paris, France

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Rue de Lyon, as its name bore attached to the majesticly busy Gare du Lyon train station. Why did I keep on saying majesticly busy, well, because it was the first train station that I saw in such beautiful “old” building yet modern inside. Europe was a sight for my eyes. 🙂

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Azur Hotel, Paris, France

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It was my first time stepping my feet on the ground of the Blue Continent. Where else but the famous O’ la France! My sister and I decided to stay at this affordable yet in a good location of the city Paris, Azur Hotel.

Bienvenue en France!

Azur Hotel, 5 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France, was just in 5 minute walk from the majesticly busy train station Gare du Lyon. Oh, well, maybe 10 minutes walk if you were like us dragging along two gigantic suitcases. 😉

We arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). At the airport we bought 3-day metro ticket (metro = Paris train lines). We went to the metro lines which was adjointed to the airport and took the metro to Gare du Nord then transffered to Gare du Lyon. It was a quick travel but a bit troublesome with our suitcases. Tips: Do travel light.

Go to the main exit of Gare du Lyon and walk straight. You will find this big road called Bd Diderot. Try to spot L’Européen restaurant, which is in the corner of the street, then you can walk across it for 20 meters and on your left side, Azur hotel.

Note: If you got lost anyhow, don’t be spooked of the sex toys store nearby. LOL. (here’s a map to help you)

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Charlottenlund Strand

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Our group of international student of Aarhus University, Emdrup Campus should be considered as the coolest stranded people in Copenhagen. LOL. We completely lost in this crazily enchanting city of Copenhagen. From taking care of Central Personal Number (the famous CPR) to finding a place to stay, we were just plain culture-shocked! What else can we do but enjoying whatever this city could bring. So, on our second week of this fall semester, we arranged a pic-nic. Me and friend apparently lived in the same area and we thought it would be nice to invite the whole gang to see our area, Strandvejen (freely translated as “road along the beach”). And of course we went there. The weather was nice. But who would dare to swim in a Baltic Sea water, would you? 😉 However, we had a nice afternoon, sharing food, laughter and just a breath in the midst of sea breeze. Looking forward for more fun times with this new lovely people.


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