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Azur Hotel, Paris, France

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It was my first time stepping my feet on the ground of the Blue Continent. Where else but the famous O’ la France! My sister and I decided to stay at this affordable yet in a good location of the city Paris, Azur Hotel.

Bienvenue en France!

Azur Hotel, 5 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France, was just in 5 minute walk from the majesticly busy train station Gare du Lyon. Oh, well, maybe 10 minutes walk if you were like us dragging along two gigantic suitcases. 😉

We arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). At the airport we bought 3-day metro ticket (metro = Paris train lines). We went to the metro lines which was adjointed to the airport and took the metro to Gare du Nord then transffered to Gare du Lyon. It was a quick travel but a bit troublesome with our suitcases. Tips: Do travel light.

Go to the main exit of Gare du Lyon and walk straight. You will find this big road called Bd Diderot. Try to spot L’Européen restaurant, which is in the corner of the street, then you can walk across it for 20 meters and on your left side, Azur hotel.

Note: If you got lost anyhow, don’t be spooked of the sex toys store nearby. LOL. (here’s a map to help you)

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 11.47.12 AM

There were two entrances actually but the other door was closed. I guess that was the old entrance. Don’t worry the new entrance is modern and nice. It was very small lobby with a nice girl in the receptionist desk. She was very helpful, she would give you wifi password as many as you like, each for one gadget.

photo 4The hotel has a round staircase and two lifts which surprisingly work nevermind the size. My first impression was, “Gosh, how old is this hotel?” hahaha… But everything here works perfectly so it dimishes my doubt. The hallways seems deserted. As if we were the only one staying there. Could that be?

Censor-activated lights were installed on the hallways. So we were a bit scared at first by the darkness and quietness. But, of course, when we walked there, a soft warm yellowish light came upon us light our way to the room. Unfortunately, we did not get a room with city view. So, if couldn’t see the beautiful city view at night.

The room was not spacious. But the bed were big and comfortable. We had small flat screen TV and quiet big bathroom with bathtub. Well, that’s something isn’t it? Floors were carpeted. So, it guaranteed our comforts during the stay. I would say, it was not a bad option after all. I was impressed. I did not see these coming just by the look of the entrance. Well, we shouldn’t judge a room by the hotel entrance, don’t we? 😉

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