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Rue de Lyon, Paris, France

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photo 4

Rue de Lyon, as its name bore attached to the majesticly busy Gare du Lyon train station. Why did I keep on saying majesticly busy, well, because it was the first train station that I saw in such beautiful “old” building yet modern inside. Europe was a sight for my eyes. 🙂

photo 5The alleys between buildings were nicely colored and clean. I took a  lot of pictures just around the hotel. I was like a little girl in an amusement park. Oh wait until I arrived at Paris Disneyland!!! 😉 First thing that I was puzzled was I couldn’t see a  lot of people here and there. Whether they were still on their Summer holiday or this part of Paris was deserted. LOL. I opt to the first one.

photo 1

Walking further for about 15 minutes, we arrived at Seine River. It was big and clean. There were a lot of boats passing by here and there. There were some street musicians on the bridge as well as some street artists. Across the bridge, a park, proving the theory that European city like Paris is a home for lots of parks.


We went there. It was more like a plantation than a regular park. Flowers were blossoming and showing off their flowers. My sister loved them all, well she took Agriculture Program for her bachelor degree. Even so, I am sure everyone would love this park. And there’s like a big building at the end of the park. Maybe it was a house of a rich family in the 16th century (or somewhat).

photo 2Of course with statues here and there.

I always amaze by the color of these figures. Somewhat greenish. Maybe from the stone they were using or was it because the what the weather did over the years? I still couldn’t put the two and two together.

There were some kids parks as well, where kids could play. And also small stalls of sandwich or burgers and or ice creams. They were not really pricey only for 4 euros for 2 scoops of ice creams. O well, I guess now I am comparing with prices in Denmark, that’s why I said it wasn’t pricey. :p

Benches were everywhere. People jog, read, play, walk, and just enjoy the Summer breeze. This is something that I have ever seen before in Jakarta. Well, there’s no park this size in Jakarta.

There were also restrooms which cost 50 cent to go there. hahahaha… another theory proven correct. You do need to pay a lot just for toilet. Well, it was the smallest in the currency. I guess you couldn’s say it’s a lot then, right?

photo 3We were surprised by the weather on the first day in Europe. I meant the Sun position. It was 8 PM and it was bright as in 5 PM in the afternoon. So, we were surprised by the time spent there. No wonder our body was screaming of tired. We went back to the hotel and enjoyed a hot water bath in the bath tub. It was really relaxing. We thanked God that this hotel provided us with bath tub, hahaha… As we walked back, we started to see French. Most of them were strolling with luggages. I guess they just got back from their Summer holiday. It was great to see them, locals. hehehe… They were all friendly and sophisticated talking in French. I have no clue what they were saying to each other but it seemed very cool. hahaha… my first day in Paris. ❤

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