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La Vallée Village, France

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One thing that tourist should do when they are in Paris, France is to shop! 🙂

So, me and my sister googled up designer outlet in Paris where we could buy designer clothes and accesories as cheap as possible. We stumbled upon this name, La Vallée Villgae, 3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 Serris, France. There were actually two places that caught our attention. But this one was easier to find, we assumed.


So how to get there? It’s very easy.

From any part of Paris, you just need to get to metro lines. There you need to take RER A in the direction of Marne-la-Vallée. If you could not take RER A train from your train station, it means you need to transfer. For example, maybe you need to take the metro to Châtelet and transfer to the RER A. You need to stop at Val d’Europe. It’s just one stop before Marne-la-Vallée (the end of RER A line) which is also where Disneyland Paris is located. You need to go up to the station, get out and turn right towards the direction of a mall.

photo 3You can then go in to the mall, go straight all the way to food court, a very long walk for 7-10 minutes. Get out from the exit near the food court and there you are in La Vallée Village. OR, you could NOT enter the mall, instead walk around it (you will need this route if you are planning to go there on Sundays). Walk on the side of the mall near the parking lot. There are actually several entrances to La Vallée Village, if you follow this road straight you’ll end up to the entrance right outside the foodcourt. Or you could also go across the parking lots and you would end up in the middle or last entrances. If this is your first time, you might want to go from the front entrance which is across the food court.

La Vallée Village is full with outlets both on the left and on the right. You could try to enter all of them, but it would make you extremely tired. We only entered to some and felt very exhausted. But, worry not, there were a lot of sandwich and gelato stalls. We tried one of them and order exotic flavours of gelato. And they were very delicious. Enough to bring the strength to go for another outlets. 😉

The place that we were looking for, of course, The Longchamp Outlet. It was very far towards the end of the village. I went there and took a lot of pics of their items and was reprimended by one of the securities who could not speak English. So, I explain to one of the shop keepers that I was taking the photos for my friends who ordered some longchamp bags. The second time I went there, I gathered some of the bags that I was going to buy in a place while picking some other colors. I was reprimended again by the same security. Hell. What’s wrong with him? I said to him, that I AM GOING TO BUY THESE ALL. I was a bit upset because they did not give me any shopping bag for me to put things that I’m going to buy and now they are scolding me? Again, one of the shop keepers helped me talked to the security guard. It was not the best shopping experience I had, I would say. Oh well, maybe if you were Asian and wanted to get the cheapest price you just had to endure.

Anyhow, the prices were fantastic. You should go there and enjoy shopping! 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

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  1. Harganya berapaan Len? Murahnya pake banget ga haha.. Ey gw ke sono lagi bulan depan. Masih di Copenhagen kah?



    May 6, 2016 at 9:12 AM

  2. […] the map wrongly so I had to ask people to get there. I just spent an hour or so and continue to La Vallee Village for some shopping. Paris… even a café could be so […]


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